On Safari

Come on safari and see lots of animals, including Barbara Sansoni’s Isabella Collection. These colourful baby-friendly toys were designed especially for her granddaughter.

The most magnificent animal you will see on safari is Rana – King of the Lions, who lives in the lion’s den with and his son Rory – the Lion Prince.

If you’re lucky you may see a shy rhinoceros, Aliya the elephant or one of Rory’s tiny lion cousins, maybe even a whacky warthog, bumpy camel, snappy crocodile, graceful giraffe or zippy zebra.

Most fun are the nosy spiny anteaters with their embroidered noses and removable ‘spines’ and…crunchy armadillos who curl up in their shells when they want to hide.

Why not collect all the animals and go on safari in your own garden?

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