Barefoot Unisex Wash Bag


Product Description

Barefoot Wash Bags are crafted in their trademark vibrant designs in small village work centres where cotton is dried in the sun and then hand-woven into glorious fabrics. Extremely versatile, the wash bags are popular  with men, women and even used by children to carry their Barefoot  Mice collections around!

Each one comes with a removable checked, zipped tidy, perfect for  cosmetics, toothbrush, razor or whatever suits your needs. Each wash bag  also has an inner open pocket and zipped top.

The photographs are representative only and, as each wash bag is unique,  colour can not be guaranteed. However, please let us know if you have any particular colour preferences and we will do our best to accommodate them. However, we at Lazy Lizards think that much of the fun of Barefoot is the thrill of opening the package and watching the colours stream out like Sri Lankan sunshine!

Price £25
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